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Recumbent Kickstand Fit List

Our recumbent customers often ask which kickstand works best with which bike. There are some kickstands that work well with many bikes, and some bikes that can use different models of kickstands. As with any recumbent accessory that wasn't made specifically for recumbents, there are varying degrees of fit and function for each application. Using a five star system, the Hostel Shoppe has rated the fit and function of each kickstand we carry. Five stars provides the best fit and function, but please note that not all bikes have a 5 star fit - that's because we haven't seen a kickstand that can provide it. If you have had experience with a certain kickstand on a certain bike (be it good or bad) please drop us a line and tell us about it. Due to manufacturer changes in bicycle frames and kickstands over the years, we are only able to test the fit on current models only. Please call if you aren't sure!

  ESGE Twin Greenfield Standard Greenfield Chainstay Greenfield Extended Volae KSGizmo Misc.
Bacchetta Aero No suitable application
Bacchetta Giro No suitable application
Bacchetta Strada No suitable application
Burley Canto/Taiko         5 Stars¹  
Burley Django/Hepcat         5 Stars¹  
Burley Koosah/Jett Creek/         5 Stars¹  
Burley Limbo            
Burley Nasoke/Spider         5 Stars¹  
Sun EZ-1 5 Stars¹ 5 Stars¹     4 Stars¹  
Sun EZ-Sport     4 Stars      
EasyRacers Goldrush 5 Stars¹ 5 Stars¹        
EasyRacers Tour Easy 5 Stars¹ 5 Stars¹ 4 Stars¹      
HP Velotechnik Grasshopper           5 Stars
HPV Grasshopper or Lowrider Kickstand
HP Velotechnik Speedmachine     5 Stars¹      
HP Velotechnik Street Machine           5 Stars
HPV Lowrider or Street Machine Rear Kickstand
Lightning P-38 5 Stars² 5 Stars¹     5 Stars¹  
Lightning Phantom         5 Stars  
Lightning Phantom II         5 Stars  
Lightning Stealth ('99-00)            
Lightning Thunderbolt         5 Stars  
RANS Force5 No suitable application 3
RANS Rocket            
RANS Stratus     4 Stars   4 Stars¹  
RANS Stratus LE     4 Stars   4 Stars¹  
RANS Stratus XP            
RANS Tailwind     4 Stars¹   4 Stars¹  
RANS Tandems 3 Stars2,3         5 Stars
RANS Tandem Kickstand
RANS V2, V3     4 Stars¹      
RANS V2 Formula LE            
RANS V2 Formula 26     4 Stars¹      
RANS Vivo         3 Stars¹  
RANS V-Rex       4 Stars    
RANS Wave     5 Stars¹      
RANS X-Stream     4 Stars¹      
Vision Tandems (99 & newer)           5 Stars
Vision Tandem Centerstand 4
Vision VR40 (2002)         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR40 (pre-2002)         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR44 (2002)         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR44 (pre-2002)     4 Stars¹   5 Stars¹  
Vision VR45 (2002)         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR45 (pre-2002)     4 Stars¹   5 Stars¹  
Vision VR50         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR54         5 Stars¹  
Vision VR55         5 Stars¹  
Vision Saber (2002)         5 Stars¹  
Vision Saber (pre-2002)     4 Stars¹   5 Stars¹  
Vision Thoroughbreds     5 Stars¹      
Volae Team         5 Stars¹  
Volae Club         5 Stars¹  
Volae Club Disc         5 Stars¹  
Volae Expedition         5 Stars¹  
Volae Sport         5 Stars¹  
Volae Century         5 Stars¹  
Volae Tour         5 Stars¹  

1 = Kickstand legs may require length trimming.
2 = Mounting bolt requires shortening with hacksaw.
3 = Improper kickstand installation may void manufacturer's frame warranty.
4 = No longer in production.

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