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Accessory Search Results for Volae:
Avid - BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake
The BB7 is easier to set up than any mechanical disc ever. Details like easy pad replacement, precision ball bearing actuation and infinitely variable spring tension means control like you’ve never felt before.
(Click for more...)
Avid - Disc Replacement Pads BB5 & BB7
These genuine Avid brand pads are so easy to install and replace, you only need caveman tools - your fingers. Fits Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, plus Avid Juicy Seven and Five hydraulic disc brakes.
(Click for more...)
FSA - Orbit X & Orbit XL II Headsets
The FSA Orbit X & Orbit XL II headsets are forged and CNC machined from 6061/T6 aluminum. Patented alignment tip for increased durability and performance.
(Click for more...)
FSA Carbon Install Compound
FSA Carbon Install Compound is an effective way to eliminate unwanted creaks, prevent slippage of your Volae ES frame joint and prevent corrosion of the Volae ES Coupler. Not to mention it avoids having to clamp down on delicate bolts by increasing the friction between parts and creating a better hold.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe - Hardshell Seat Cage Mounting Kit
Hardware set allows you to mount a bottle cage on your hardshell seat. Pick your favorite spot on the outer edge of your hardshell, drill two small holes, and use this hardware kit to mount your favorite bottle cage.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe - Polyethylene Tube Plug
Ribbed-style polyethelene tubing plugs. Many sizes to fit commonly lost or worn-out plugs.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe - Seat Wedge
Closed cell foam wedge fits under your M5, Volae or HP Velotechnik seat cushion at the front of the seat pan. This helps to better "cup" your butt when using slightly more upright riding positions.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe Carbon Seat Bag Leisure
The Leisure carbon seat bag is a rigid "bare bones" bag with single compartment and a headrest opening that will work on Volae seats and other similar hardshell seats. Constructed of high quality materials in the United States.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe Carbon Seat Bag Sport
The Sport carbon seat bag is a rigid bag with large compartment with a bladder pouch, a zippered top pouch, a tube port for your hydration bladder, a light mount tab and a headrest opening. The bag will work on Volae seats and other similar hardshell seats.
(Click for more...)
Hostel Shoppe Comfort Mesh Seat Bag
The Hostel Shoppe Comfort Mesh seat bag is a rigid tapered bag with large compartment with a bladder pouch and other internal pouches for maximum organization, a zippered top pouch, a tube port for your hydration bladder, and a light mount tab. The bag will work on Volae Comfort Mesh seats, orginal Volae mesh seats, Vision mesh seats and other similar mesh seats.
(Click for more...)
Kalloy - Stems Cold Forged
These lightweight, cold forged Kalloy stems are available in a variety of sizes from 80mm to 130mm to fine tune the cockpit fit of your Volae. Attach to 1 1/8” outside diameter steering mast and have a 1” handlebar clamp.
(Click for more...)
Old Man Mountain - Sherpa Rear Rack Volae
Old Man Mountain has created the perfect rack for the Volae. The racks have an ingenious design that avoids conflict with the rear disk brake (for models that have them).
(Click for more...)
Oval Concepts - Jetstream Carbon Fork
Special shaped twin aero blades and 0. 9mm gap pull turbulent air off the top of the front wheel and direct laminar stream outward.
(Click for more...)
S&S Hard Case
S and S Machine hardshell case works well for packing a Volae Voyager ES down as small as possible for travel. Compression members (3 are recommended) and security net keep everything intact inside the case.
(Click for more...)
TerraCycle - Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Volae
Custom made for each type of bike, these high quality pannier racks get the weight of your bags forward and down low for improved weight distribution and better handling. This is a great option for commuting and long distance touring.
(Click for more...)
TerraCycle - Volae Over/Under Idler Kits Elite & Sport
For those who prefer the Over/Under Idler concept. Kit consists of an Over/Under idler with an aluminum or titanium power side cog, a special Stainless idler bolt, a very trick CNC machined clamp on chainkeeper, and a new clamp on idler mount.
(Click for more...)
Ventisit - Seat Pad
The Ventisit seat pad makes sure your back doesn't get wet during your recumbent bike trips. The Ventisit's open structure breaths effectively.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Aheadset Extender w/spacers
Used inside Volae risers to attach the Aheadset adjusting bolt to the star nut. This clever device allows perfect adjustment of the headset on a Volae.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Aluminum Disc Fork 20 inch 406mm
Disc or rim brake compatible 1" x 240mm threadless steer tube aluminum alloy fork blades with forged ends and a Chro-moly steer tube 26. 4mm crown race 30mm Offset Glossy Black .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Aluminum Fork 650c
Uses road brakes only 1" x 25cm threadless riser 33. 5cm axle to crown Aluminum fork blades with Chro-moly steel riser 40mm Offset.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Carbon Fork 650c
Uses road brakes only 1" x 25cm threadless riser 33. 5cm axle to crown Carbon fork blades with 7005 aluminum riser 40mm Offset .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Comfort Mesh Seat
Redesigned in 2012, the Volae Comfort Mesh seat retains the comfortable slung seat base. The seat back is taller with lumbar support and recurve at the top to support your shoulders.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Delrin Frame Plugs
Replacement delrin frame plugs for Volae frames. These plugs allow you to attach the seat slider and quick adjust kit to the frame.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Disc Fork Aluminum 26 inch
Volae aluminum 26 inch fork has disc brake tabs and disc brake cable guide. Works with 1 inch threadless headsets.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Frame Protector Kit
Worried about dings and scratches. We've found a solution.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Front Brake Cable Adapter
The Volae front brake cable adapter allows you to route your brake cable to the correct side with caliper style brakes. .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Front Idler Hardware
Hardware assembly: Includes the chain keeper, nut, bolt and washers. .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Front Idler with Bearing
Front Idler with Bearing. Use with Volae or Vision recumbents.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Granny Guard
Prevents "dang my chain came off" when down shifting to the Granny ring. Install the Granny Guard and loosen the front derailleur inner stop screw until it permits shifting under pressure.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Handle Bar Riser
Reamed riser for Volaes, with cable guides. 1” inside diameter.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Handlebars
If you're tired of arm discomfort, or simply looking for your perfect riding style, our Volae handlebars could do just the trick. Choose from two widths: standard (new style one piece bent bar) or wide (old style welded bar).
(Click for more...)
Volae - Hardshell Comfort Carbon Fiber Seats
Get a seat that is comfortable, tough, light and aerodynamic. The Volae Comfort Carbon seats have a wider seat base with more support and cup to it, providing a more supportive riding postion.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Hardshell Dual Density & Comfort Dual Density Seat Cushion with Cover
The same comfy seat foam from Volae is now available with a breathable cover that gives your seat a more finished look. The new cover can also be removed for washing and it protects your Lycra shorts from snags on the open cell foam.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Hardshell Seat Bracket Attachment Hardware
Complete hardware kits to attach the upper and lower seat brackets to a Volae hardshell carbon seat. Choose for a standard carbon seat or a comfort carbon seat in the drop down menu below.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Hardshell Seat Cushion (Dual Density)
Replacement cushion has a 1/2” layer of closed cell foam bonded to a 1 3/4” layer of open-cell foam. Much more comfortable, yet still breathable.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Headrest
"This is far and away the best headrest I’ve ever used. I never ride without it.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Idler 17t Rear
Volae 17t Rear Idler w/sealed bearing. .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Kickstand Gizmo
This ingenious kickstand mounting bracket allows a Greenfield Traditional kickstand (#10787 not included) to be installed at the rear dropout. Works with all Volae, RANS Stratus, Stratus LE, and Vision 20/26 models.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Mesh Seat Bag
Our heavy duty bags are ideal for day trips or commuting and secure to your mesh seat in seconds. A reflective fabric strip across the entire back adds visibility.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Mesh Seat Fabric Old Style
Replace your worn out seat fabric and breathe new life into your bike. Reinforced mesh back.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Mesh Seat Pad Only
Replacement mesh seat pad adds new cush to your Volae or Vision mesh seat. Fits both old style Volae mesh seats and new Volae Comfort Mesh seats.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Promax RC452 Brake Calipers
Dual Pivot design with 39-49mm reach. Cartridge Style Pads.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Rack Adapter kit
Hardware kit adapts a Old Man Mountain rack to fit a Volae With Disc brakes. Longer screws allow you to attach the rack at the seat stay clamps.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Rear Idler Hardware
Hardware assembly: Includes the chain keeper, nut, bolt and washers. .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Rear Idler Wheel w/Bearing
This quiet, durable and efficient high quality fifteen tooth idler minimizes friction by allowing the drive side chain to run smoothly on teeth in the center of the idler instead of rubbing on the sidewalls. Volae is not aware of anyone ever wearing one of these out.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Riser Clamp
Volae handlebar riser clamp has an inner diameter of 28. 6mm.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Bracket Lower
Replacement lower seat bracket for all Volae hardshell seats. Black.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Bracket Upper
Replacement upper seat bracket for all Volae's with hardshell seats. Black.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Quick Adjust Kit
Two 79mm quick release seat slider skewers and two quick adjust skewer plates make adjusting Volae seats easy. .
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Quick Release Skewer
Replacement seat skewer bolts for Volae bikes. The 79mm and 85mm skewers do not include specialty nut side plates (must be purchased separately).
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Skewer Side Plates
Replacements for the easy-to-lose side plates on Volae and Vision seat skewers. Stainless steel.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Slider
Replacement adjustable seat slider secures the Volae seat to the frame. Black.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Stay Clamps
Replacement seat stay clamps secure the upper Volae seat stay inside the lower seat stay. Black.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Seat Stays
Replacement upper and lower seat stays with clamps for all Volaes. Black.
(Click for more...)
Volae - Standard Carbon Seat with Pad and Hardware
Volae old style standard carbon seat shell with Dual Density pad including cover and hardware. .
(Click for more...)
Volae Chainring Spacer Kit 2.2mm
Optional chainring spacer kit works in conjunction with the Volae granny guard for Vuelta and Salsa small 74mm BCD chainrings. Set of five spacers.
(Click for more...)
Volae Fork Steel 1 1/8 in Threadless for 20 in wheel
Fork for 20" wheel, 1 1/8" threadless, Chro-moly steel, 171mm steer tube, 30. 21mm crown race, canti studs and disc, black powdercoat.
(Click for more...)
Volae Rubber Washers
Replace your compressed rubber washers with new ones to quiet down your hardshell seat. Pack of 16.
(Click for more...)
Windwrap - Bubble XT
The XT is partial coverage fairing that works on a lot of different bikes and trikes, and typically mounts on the front derailleur mast. Since it is a small fairing, it doesn't provide as much aerodynamic assistance as the larger, full coverage fairings.
(Click for more...)
Windwrap - Hardware XTEZ
The XTEZ Hardware is similar to the original mount, but attaches to the bottom (or top) of the main frame tube instead of the derailleur mast. This is a good mounting spot, because there is almost always no interference there.
(Click for more...)

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